Monday, January 01, 2007

Dancing about architecture

One of several new years resolutions that I make every year is to promise myself that I'll write more reviews of CDs in the hope of a) getting better at it with practice, and b) getting sent a regular supply of free CDs to write about.
Well neither of these unlikely outcomes has a chance to come true because last year as ever I didn't keep to my resolution.
So have I made the promise to myself again this year? Why yes of course, and at least this year I have started well with a short review of Sabine Erclertz's Steinschlag on l'innomable up at ParisTransatlantic Hopefully I can write three or four reviews of that length for PTA every month for a while now, though this of course depends on Dan Warburton not getting sick of having to edit my writing into something legible every time I send him something. Otherwise I'll post things here.

Right, so now you can all start sending me free CDs right? ...Right?

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