Thursday, February 08, 2007

LMC Festival reviewed and replayed

So my far-too-long review of the LMC festival appeared at ParisTransatlantic on the first of the month and I forgot to mention it here. Since then, Ben Drew has put up good quality mp3s of many the sets st the LMC site as well. The Mp3s are here: , and the review can be read here

Whilst I'm tying up loose ends, a list of just some of the CD acquisitions to arrive at Pinnell Towers over recent weeks:

Various - Improvised music from Japan Berlin Edition 2CD (IMJ)
André Moller - blue/dense (Wandelweiser)
Luigi Nono - the complete works for solo tape 2CD (Stradivarius)
Toshiya Tsunoda - Extract from a field recording archive No.2 (Hapna)
Perlonex w/ Keith Rowe, Charlemagne Palestine - Tensions (NexSound)
Christian Weber - Osaka Solo 3" (C)
Christian Weber - 3 Suits and a Violin (Hatology)
Morton Feldman - The Viola in my life (New Wordl)
Morton Feldman - Routine investigations (Ensemble Reserche) (Montaigne)
Cor Fuhler - Stengam (Potlatch)
Varios - Music Overheard 2CD (ICA Boston)
Bhob Rainey, Ralf Wehowsky - I don't think I can see you tonight (Sedimental)
Jason Kahn, Tomas Korber, Christian Weber - Zürcher aufnahmen (Longbox)
Tomas Korber, Bernd Schurer - 250904 (Balloon and Needle)
The Sealed Knot - Live, Red Hedgehog London29th October 2006 (Confront Performance Series)
Jez Riley French - Field Recordings Vol.20 (Engraved Glass)
Jez Riley French, Lee Patterson - Seeds and bridges (self release)
Jez riley French - Church Flower Stand No.4 3"(Engraved Glass)
Matthieu Saladin - Intervales (l'innomable)

Plus ten CDs from Radu Malfatti's B-Boim label that I won't attempt to list here, and God knows how many more I've forgotten. Oh boy am I having fun catching up with some listening this week!


Anonymous said...

hey richard, where did you find the copy of extract from field recirdings #2

Richard Pinnell said...

Via eBay at ridiculous cost I'm afraid. It filled a big gap in my Tsunoda collection, but at a price. it is available as a paid download directly from Hapna's website though if you haven't heard the music.

Anyway, who are you!?!

Robert said...

Reviewed and Replayed - what is this a Wire column?