Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Dawn Symphony

At 4.12AM this morning I woke with a start. I'm not sure why, maybe I was having a bad dream in which Spandau Ballet had reformed and Julie was insistent we went to see them... but woke I did.

I sat bolt upright in my bed which sits underneath a window looking out onto my back garden. the window was wide open as its been really hot here this weekend, and I was immediately aware of the sound of the close-by Didcot Power Station roaring very softly to itself as it does overnight at weekends when they clean out the enormous chimneys. Moments later a scratching, rustling sound joined the soft roar as some animal, probably a hedgehog could be heard scurrying about in the dark below.
Two sounds, one massive and powerful, the other tiny and vulnerable joining together to make a special music for my ears only.

I sat and listened for a few minutes before tiredness got the better of me and I fell back asleep. If I hadn't been so exhausted I might have grabbed my minidisc recorder, but somehow I'm glad that I didn't, as although I might have captured the sounds, I couldn't have captured the moment.

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