Monday, April 30, 2007

Splish splosh ding dong honk honk brmmmm

This evening after a rather nice Italian meal in Henley on Thames, the official capital of English snobbery, Julie and I wandered down to the river as dusk fell and we sat watching the water drift past, going about its way for about an hour. The view was beautiful, but it was my ears that were the most impressed sat by the water's edge. As the river lapped gently against the wooden buttresses beside us a church that towered above rang out a slow, tuneless, and somewhat uncoordinated peal of bells. A gaggle of Canadian Geese, presumably over on their holidays joined in, and cackled, honked and babbled at each other across the water. After a while a lone barge made its way up the river, a soft growling hum filling in the spaces between the avant garde campanologist's practice session and his North American feathered collaborators. Once again I had nothing to record the moment, so I'll have to leave your imaginatiions to fill in the rest. I really wish every week would start like that though.

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