Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Watching you watching me

Last night out of curiosity I installed a visitor counter at this blog, a little bit of freeware html code that records the number of visitors here and their rough location. I'm stunned. As I type the counter shows just short of 50 visits in less than twenty four hours recorded. About five or six of these seem to be me posting and amending the blog but all the same I am shocked how many people have even the slightest interest in the drivel I post here. The average length of time you visit is eleven minutes, you come from ten different countries so far and five of you linked here from Brian Olewnick's fine Just Outside blog, slightly more than arrived here from my links at I Hate Music.

Anyway, I had no idea so many people were reading his. All of a sudden I feel like I should be writing something worth reading!

Now playing - The art Ensemble of Chicago - A Jackson in your house / Message to our folks. (Just for Messrs Lacey and Guthrie!)


Brian Olewnick said...

Yeah, I installed a stat-tracker last fall and it's fun seeing how people arrive at the sight, what searches land them there, etc. And yes, the still tiny number of "regulars" cuases me to be more diligent in getting new content up there, boring though it may turn out to be.

Dominic Lash said...

A Jackson In Your House - what a record! Will turned me on to that one as well, when we did the tour this February. I think knowing you're listening to that I feel rather as you did when I bought the Malfatti CDs at 323 ;-)

Richard Pinnell said...

Heh, yeah not my usual cuo 'a tea, but enjoyed it.
I reckon Mr Guthrie only owns one CD anyway ;)