Thursday, May 03, 2007

Drivetime Drones

Driving home from work this evening, doing a steady sixty along a straight road I was taken by the gentle drones emanating from the car. The roar of the air conditioning fighting hard against the mini heatwave we are experiencing here at present filled the car, and blended nicely with the churning of the engine and the distant roar of tyres against tarmac. Tonight though there seemed to be an extra layer to this pleasant buzz, a rising and falling bass-like hum, that was very pleasing to the ear but seemed somehow to be rising in volume very gradually until reaching something of a crescendo. Turning off the air-con it suddenly occurred to me that this new and interesting layer to my 'Symphony for Audi A4' was in fact the sound of my front passenger side tyre deflating. Slowing down fast to pull over, the loud roar broke up into thunderous flapping sounds until I came to a halt and all that remained was the gentle purr of the engine.

OK, so I had to wait half an hour for someone to come and fit the spare as where I had stopped was a little too dangerous for me to attempt it myself, but as annoying breakdown experiences go, it didn't half sound good!


Something I forgot to mention here, my review of the i and e Festival appeared here at ParisTransatlantic a few days ago. Up to my usual gushing standard...

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