Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sound of 21st Century England

I recently bought a little Edirol audio recorder so that I could make recordings of concerts etc, merely for my own reference when writing reviews as the recording quality, whilst good is not of studio standards. Its also been fun to play about with it though grabbing off-the-cuff field recordings at opportune moments.

So here, just for fun are two low bitrate mp3's of a couple of recordings I've made that somehow capture something of the spirit of 21st century England. The first is an excerpt of the recordings I made from my hotel window in Newcastle last weekend at 2AM, the sound of England's new proletariate enjoying themselves, interspersed with cars passing by over wet roads, the thump of nightclub bass speakers and even the odd seagull. Vocals courtesy of Newcastle Brown Ale.

The second recording was made this morning in the back garden at Pinnell Towers. A far more restrained affair, birds twittering, dogs barking, 'planes passing over, lawns being mowed, the sound of everyday Oxfordshire suburbia on a Sunday morning, complete with added vocals by my younger brother, recovering from a major hangover singing (well, shouting) to himself from the kitchen...

Aaah, what it is to be English ... Enjoy!

Newcastle 12.05.07.

Garden 20.05.07.

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