Sunday, July 01, 2007

Decent Exposures

Posting this month's photo just below made me think about how much time I've spent lately browsing through Flickr, the photography showcase website. Just as the digital age has changed how people can access music forever, broadband internet services and the proliferation of digital cameras has done the same for photography. In a similar way to other media storage sites like Myspace or YouTube, Flickr seems to have cornered a market despite not really offering that much different to other sites. If they haven't already I guess they'll sell out to Google or Rupert Murdoch soon, but for now if you're willing to put the time in digging it out there's a wealth of great photography shared at Flickr.

The way I pick my way through Flickr is to find a photographer I like and look at his list of "favourite" other pics on Flickr and follow the links to other likeminded artists' photostreams. If you have even the slightest interest in photography this can lead to many hours digging and delving, so be warned...

The pic to the right is mine, but here are just some of the Flickr pages I've enjoyed recently:

Fergus Kelly's "Dead" Collections
Smoking Drum.
Daddy W
Chambe Noire
Johanna's Hackney pics

and these are just individual photographers, there are groupsand sets of similar photos to wade through as well.

I'm interested in links to other Flickr pages anyone can recommend...


Robert said...

Flickr was bought by Yahoo years ago.

Richard Pinnell said...

Sigh... figures...