Saturday, July 07, 2007

Everyday life on the blog

A quick plug for a new blog by my audition sparring partner and all round good egg Alastair Wilson. Commuted to Life consists of a photo and a brief paragraph posted every day that Al goes to work, the picture taken during the day, and the words full of his renowned dry wit.

I'm intrigued as to how long Al keeps this going. His journey to "work" is not the most exciting in the world so it'll be interesting to see what develops and how he continues to find insight in the everyday mundanity of commuting life. (By the way, I put the work "work" in inverted commas as Alastair is in fact a civil servant, so its not really real work as most of us know it ;) )
Its also very interesting to compare his carefully selected photos with the choices of music he makes every day for his journey. Quite often his choice of photograph is tasteful and subtley elegant, a beautiful reflection of inner city life... his musical choices however merely reflect his musical taste ;)

You can follow his progress here
Nice one Al!

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Alastair said...

Thanks Richard, you cheeky bugger ;)