Sunday, January 06, 2008

Concerts Attended 2008

Saturday 9th February 2008, Beaconsfield, London


Sarah Washington (Solo)
Lee Patterson (Solo)
John Butcher (Solo)
Benedict Drew (Solo)
Mark Bain, John Butcher, Michael Colligan, Rhodri Davies, Ben Drew, Robin Hayward, Lee Patterson, Sarah Washington, Daniel Weaver (Nontet)
Mark Bain, John Bain (Duo)
Rhodri Davies, Lee Patterson (Duo)
Robin Hayward (Solo)
Michael Colligan (Solo)

Friday 15th February - Sunday 17th February 2008, Instal08, the Arches, Glasgow.

The Wandelweiser Room

Antoine Beuger
Radu Malfatti
Manfred Werder

Robin Hayward
Rhodri Davies

Sunday 2nd March, Resonance FM studio, London

Phil Durrant, Lee Patetrson, Paul Vogel

Monday 24th March, Chisenhale Dance Space, London

Matthias Forge
Daniel Jones, Paul Khimasia Morgan, David Papapostolou
John Wall
John Butcher, Mark Wastell

Friday 28th March, i-and-e Festival, Unitarian Church, Dublin.

Kai Fagaschinski
The Quiet Club
Chip Shop Music
No Furniture

Saturday 29th March, i-and-e Festival, Unitarian Church, Dublin.

Boris Baltschun
Roy Carroll, Paul Vogel
Jason Lescalleet
Erik Carlsson, Axel Dorner, Martin Küchen

Sunday 30th March, i-and-e Festival, Peppercanister Church, Dublin.

Saturday 10th May, Sound323 shop, London

Alessandro Bosetti

Saturday 10th May, Royal festival Hall, London

Luigi Nono - Prometeo

Performed by London Sinfonietta and others under the direction of André Richard

Sunday 11th May, ResonanceFM studio, London

Aleassandro Bosetti

Sunday 25th May, Tate Modern Starr Auditorium

Luke Fowler, Lee Patterson - B8016 2008 Film and sound response to La Monte Young's "Draw a straight line and follow it"

Tuesday 10th June, St Johns, Smith Square. London

Morton Feldman - triadic Memories
Howard Skempton - Notti stellate a Vagli

Performed by John Tilbury

Wednesday 16th July, St Anne and Agnes Church, London

Music we'd like to hear
Parsons, Purcell, di Lasso, Cardew, Webern performed by Michael Parsons and The Post Quartet